Close-minded in an open-minded world

14 Feb

I advise myself to shut up. I plead with my mouth to remain sealed. I have so much to say, I am left to have discussions and debates in my mind. The world now accepts everything, everyone, every belief. What is wrong or right is always relative to a context. What is good or bad is left to an individual.

No one wants to look uncool. We are ashamed of what we stand up for. If we were not ashamed then why do we keep quiet? We want to remain popular among our peers. If everyone is proud of what they stand for,it doesn’t mean I have to respect what they stand for.

Everything is right, nothing is wrong. The world is now so accepting, can this mean the world is coming to an end soon. Or can this mean that the world has just begun. Everyone around me is so open-minded. I remain alone with my strong views no one to talk to so I better be content with debating in my mind. I am the talkative foreigner who is only silent because everyone in this place does not understand the language I speak.

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