14 Feb

“Love is blind” romantics intone. Love does not see what is wrong with the other. She should see with her two eyes all the wrong he is doing to her. He should see with the aid of his contact lenses, abhor in her eyes when she looks at him. Apparently because of the love they share they remain blind. They see nothing wrong with the other.

What is the basis of love blindness and visual impairment? Why couldn’t love be short sighted or long sighted at least there would be an easy cure. Did love ever see or was it born blind? Is blind love a stigma we have to live with forever. What is the treatment for this stigma then? How much does it cost to be set free? Is there an agonizing medical operation this love can go through? Is there a spiritual liberation for this blind love? Is this my punishment from a previous incarnation? I want this love to see again without me having to throw it away or live without it. “Love is blind” is not a good enough justification for this misbehaviour of my mind. Please I cry, find me the optician for love.

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