I Love Your Smile…..I Relate with Your Frown

8 Jun

When you smile so many words come to my mind, beautiful, dashing, handsome, charming, lovely, gorgeous, pleasing, I could go on. You may never know what exactly your smile does to me and the world. It is difficult to explain and even more it is also uneasy for me to admit the impact of your pleasing beauty. That’s why I try to make you smile, call me selfish for needing this from you for my personal desire. The day I knew I loved your smile was that Day. That day I was consumed with my own moody senses. As usual I am thinking as I am dancing, confused while I am singing, sad while I am laughing. I was dancing and smiling, wondering and…. then I turned and spotted your smile. Tick-tock time flashes and there is a need in me to walk towards your smile. Everyday day from afar I spot your smile I am pleased.

One day I know it’s you from afar even if you are facing me with your back. That day I am filled with confidence and I walk up to you. I tap you at the back and say hello you turn and say hello back. What I see in your face is unfamiliar if I am to be correct it’s a frown. Instantly a spark in me is quenched, there is a need for me to understand your frown. I ask what is wrong. You look into my eyes like you are trying to read my soul to decide whether to trust me. I smile at you and say talk to me I introduce myself to you as Friend. You introduce yourself to me as Lover. You tell me what lies beneath your frown. You complain about the part of the news I hate too. You have similar family stories; you have an equally challenging past. I begin to share with you too; I tell you what I sometimes think of while I am dancing. I begin to notice as your frown begins to soothe to an expressionless stare. You pick up my hand and place in yours, you smile I smile back; I am pleased. Now I am your Friend and you are my Lover just as we were the day I approached your frown. I always did and will always love your smile. However I’ll never forget it was your frown I related to and still do. Friend and Lover shall live happily ever after and after that.

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