Dairy of a Glad African Woman—Part 2

28 Sep

It is towards the end of my University degree. I have started applying for jobs and as the grace of God will have it subsequently attending job interviews. There is a myth that firms are seeking equality gender wise and race wise. My best section of application forms is the equalities opportunities section. I click female with a chuckle and Black African with a sigh of relief. Martin Luther’s speech was very enchanting but I find that I may be in the generation where being an ethnic minority can be very much to your advantage.
Okay I do not milk this opportunity, I actually have friends that fabricate stories on how they have suffered as an ethnic minority woman in the limitations of society bla bla. Yea right I wonder how they suffered when on holiday in the Caribbean or how they suffered when sipping a glass of Moet in a member’s only club. That’s another story for another day.
This morning I received five letters in the post. One was junk mail,two were from my bank and two were from companies I had interviewed with. I could not pretend to be surprised I was expecting those two letters after emails and phone calls confirming I had been offered both jobs. Now I have a choice to make and it’s definitely more difficult than choosing what to eat from the menu of a new restaurant.
I hope I get to convince myself and the world that I did not get this job because my M.A.C foundation colour is NC50. I mean I have an impressive CV I am predicted to graduate with a high score not to forget my commercial awareness and passion in the field. Anyway C’est la vie I am going to make my choice by tomorrow and I promise the lucky firm I choose that I would be more than a colourful decoration that has breasts.

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