8 Oct

My Blog description says “A young woman that has abundance of reasonable hope because the world is immersed of endless possibilities”. Is this how I want the world to perceive me? Or is this that I am sincerely? Do I hold all this hope I allege? Is the world really immersed of endless possibilities? Or is this what I have forced myself to believe?

If you read other posts from this blog you may rush to assume my personality. Do any of the pieces I write have a contribution to who I am? Posts inspired by flights of the imagination, embellished with interesting literature in order to capture a reader. None of the characters in some of my posts are real characters. Some are versions of people I know or clearly linked to an experience I have had without betraying any Identity.

The truth be told I do not know who I really am. Possibly from posts I have written there are descriptions I wish were in fact the situation I am in. I am a DREAMER I have all these dreams, all these plans, all these wishes. Sometimes I think of how my world would be after I die. Would my world think I contributed to its progression? Would I have helped save a soul from massive destruction? Or will I be forgotten just like the butterfly that got away in spring? Will my dreams ever come true? Or will I let go of relevant dreams day by day due to laziness and discouragement?

I could go on asking questions I do not have answers for. I could go on writing literary filled sentences. I could on dreaming till kingdom come. Every day I learn new things about myself. Every day I find out more about who I am growing to be.

Okay this is awkward I have found myself in a situation I started writing this hoping inspiration would come along the way. However it appears I have been easily distracted and now have lost focus. I’m sorry to anyone to who was enjoying where this was going, it appears I may have to continue this another time. Maybe I will not continue but if I do I hope I have a better insight of who I am by then.

Sorry for wasting your time

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