The World Is My Oyster

23 Oct

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). I was introduced to this Bible verse years ago. It was even in a song and whenever I sang it I believed that it was true. I know I was young then but I still believed through Christ I could do all things. In essence I could be whoever I want to be in future as the Lord gives me the grace.

I have dreams, I have aspirations, I have hopes they all will come to pass if I work hard. The world is my oyster. There are so many opportunities waiting for someone to take them,own them and use them. I am not going to hide behind the door or walk behind someone’s shadow. I can be who I want.Oysters are sea creatures that have pearls which are precious. The world is my oyster in the sense that it contains many pearls(which can be a symbol for anything thing really) its just for me to keep picking my world up. A pearl is a precious stone people pay fortunes for, and the fact is that if you go to the sea and pick an oyster up you could get a pearl for free. I am going to be optimistic and go in pursuit of my happiness; I am not going to get to the mountain top by staring at the mountain for hours instead of starting to climb.

“If it hasn’t been done’s because everyone is waiting for me to do it first and not because it’s impossible”

I’ll keep moving forward 🙂

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