Where are You?

6 Nov

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You? We got some work to do now.Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You? We need some help from you now!!!

Scooby Doo was one of the cartoons I loved as a kid. Although I always got agitated when Scooby and Shaggy ran on a spot for a while before actually running. I’d be saying “go go the monster is coming” like they could actually hear me. I actually miss those good old days when I had no worries. My mum carried me on her back or shoulders very often(was a mama’s girl) and my dad threw me up in the air and caught me every evening(was a daddy’s girl). No matter how high in the air my dad threw me I always knew he would catch me so I relaxed and enjoyed the adrenaline rush. However whenever I jumped on a trampoline I was tensed as I did not trust it would be there when I fell back down.

I have been undertaking a search for a while now. I am looking for someone in particular! I have no descriptions what so ever. I am told we may have met before many a time but I highly doubt it. I am told this person is the solution to my problems. I am told this person will take the pain away;it hurts everywhere. Where are you? I am looking for you. What is your name? Are you right beside me now or 4000km away? Are you the one that got away? Are you the one that never made it here? I hope you are looking for me too because I think I will always miss you even If we never meet or meet again! 😦

Scooby Doo please Help me solve this Mystery…I am looking for someone that means a lot to me!!!

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