You are my Cause

23 Nov

Every day I get emails,I get Junk mail
Different causes out there in this world
I want to help them all but I have limited resources
People crying somewhere though I can’t see their tears
They so far away, strangers even but I feel their pain
I want to reach out but don’t know how
Where to start? Where to go?
A knock on my door!!my neighbour needs some sugar
Not a life-threatening alarm but he needs to drink some tea
Tea without sugar for some is like summer without sun
I go over to his place with sugar and biscuits
He now has sugar for his tea, and biscuits to eat while he drinks
Not a huge cause I am fighting here
But dear neighbour You are are my cause! for now
Charity begins at home and next door
I help you today who knows who I’ll help tomorrow
I may one day help the world, but dear neighbour today You are my cause!

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