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New Year Resolutions

19 Dec

This year has been fantastic, the Good the Bad and Ugly but mostly good! Lost loved ones welcomed new people to my life. I reached out for hands and touched hearts in the process.In some cases I meant no harm but actually caused pain. I have aged, grown and matured a bit. I have experienced physical and mental pain. I have experienced unexplainable euphoria and have seen hilarity at its peak. I am grateful to my family and friends for being there for me. I may not always spell this out in words but they mean a lot to me. They all add to my life in very unique ways, even though I may come across as little miss independent who seldom asks for help. Knowing that I have a number of caring people out there to help me if I wanted is refreshing. The Lord has been faithful, the Lord has been good to me and I am amazed by his glory.
Next year I hope to transform from the girl you used to know to the woman you are glad you know. Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselvesIt is easy to point out all that is wrong with everyone else but hard to see our own flaws. In my quiet times I have tried to view myself from the eyes of the outside world and like everyone else I have flaws. In the new year I hope to get better as a person and mature as an individual, learn from my experiences and accept positive change..
The new year resolutions
(the girl you used to know to the woman you are glad you know)
1. Be more prayerful and spiritual; I am a Christian and prayer should not just be seasonal and timed, prayer should be a conscious and an unconscious relationship with me and heaven speaking to my Lord and seeking guidance. In my decisons I should consider the spiritual reprecautions as there is more to come after this life.
2. Love; show love, give love, share love and express love. I am not always expressive with love even to my mother and sometimes I come across as distant. I know deep inside that I love to great depths but I am not always expressive. Even when I admit love I do not always show it in a convincing way. Basically I will call my parents more often and not only wait till they call me, express my appreciation to them in a more convincing manner.
3. Think before I speak; like a crude oil refinery I should refine my thoughts before I bring them out as words. I often just say what is on my mind without considering how it will affect others. Though it may be an honest snap shot of what is on my mind it does not always clearly portray what I truely feel. What I have said to people have come across as blunt even when it should not have. I am not a theserus who always has the best suitable alternative words but I can take a few moments to consider my words or consider silence.
4. Be more sensitive; be more sensitive to peoples feelings. It is a sort of selfish trait of mine to consider myself first before others. When making decisions sometimes I fail to consider the impact it may make on other peoples lifes. I come and go as I please which may be good for me but in the process hurting people I care about. I know the right things to say at times but hold back so as not to come across as too sensitive. Maybe its time for me to think of the bigger picture. It may be time for people to see a side of me I hardly share.
5. Procrastinate less; If I stopped procastinating I would achieve much more in life. I should perhaps approach a method where the last minute does not exist. In all works of my life from education, to even family obligation, I should work in a decent proportionate time scale. This will be a hard transformation but I should make a huge effort to procrastinate less.
I have many more resolutions but these are the key ones that can even be expanded. I hope to be a better person by the end of next year. I am looking forward to next year. Age and Maturity they say are two different things as I age in the next year I hope maturity comes my way too.

It’s not that Serious

8 Dec

“I expect to maintain this contest until successful, or till I die, or am conquered, or my term expires, or Congress or the country forsakes me…” Abraham Lincoln–June 28, 1862 Letter to William H. Seward

1831 – Failed in business
1832 – Defeated for legislature

1833 – Again failed in business

1834 – Elected to legislature

1835 – Sweetheart died
1836 – Had a nervous breakdown
1838 – Defeated for speaker
1840 – Defeated for elector
1843 – Defeated for Congress
1846 – Elected for Congress
1848 – Defeated for Congress
1855 – Defeated for Senate
1856 – Defeated for Vice-President
1858 – Defeated for Senate

Everyone should be familiar with the story of Abraham Lincoln’s pursuit of happiness. This man was publicly humiliated for three decades before he finally became the president of the United States of America. Among his many achievements was pioneering abolishment of slavery.

This is not a history paper that was just an illustration of a determination that paid off in the end. For some reason I am always able to relate with underdogs and I sometimes try to reach out to them. Maybe I can relate to them as sometimes I have found myself loosing when I completely believe I ought to have won. I have also found myself in a situation where I am good enough but the only problem is someone else is just a little bit better. It bemuses me that some people think I always get everything I want so easily. Perhaps if I was in pursuit of such public conquests the whole world would know I fail every now and then. However I still do not think it would hit me so bad, I would probably keep trying like Lincoln. There would be nothing to lose except for pride (some would say dignity but I disagree).

One of my favourite phrases is “It’s not that serious” I say it so often and that’s because people take things too seriously. I remember saying it to a group member who was freaking out during a group project and she burst out “this determines the rest of my life”. I told her “how can it determine the rest of your life when it’s only 50 % of 20% of 40% of your degree” hahaha apologies to anyone who can’t do the maths. People close or even distant to me know that I am somewhat ambitious and well want to get good grades, but I never would let that kill me. She was shocked at my reaction but all I was telling her was to calm down, that as a group we were doing the best we could and panicking is just unwanted drama!! In the end miss drama queen calmed down and we got on with our work. And at the end of the project she thanked me for all my help and for saving the group by answering an unexpected question that was thrown to us by the panel. So much for the girl whose motto is “It’s not that serious” right?!!

Don’t get me wrong, things are serious but just not that! I generally avoid people who bring stress to my life, negative energy is toxic and I am not ready to be intoxicated. Downbeat people, Kill Joys, pessimistic people, off-putting people, running out of synonyms but you get the drift I am allergic to them all!!!!!!!

Who said opposites attract?

2 Dec

Opposites attract is a common term among physicists and romantics. When learning about magnetic forces I found out that negative ends of magnets attracts. Even the same principle I realised was evident in the study of batteries. However in the case of romantics I may have to beg to differ. I have heard people say finding someone completely opposite to you gives you the opportunity to discover the other half of you you never knew existed. B.S!!! hahahahaha! Please lets be real here you will have to change so much of yourselves to accommodate each other. Everyday you will become less of you and more of the other. One day you will wake up angry with yourself for letting yourself go. When your immunization from each other’s differences wears off an epidemic will occur hearts may get shattered in the process.You will not even remember who the real you was, you will just feel uneasy for no reason. And worse if the love actually dies completely you may want to regret the whole experience, years lost even the beautiful memories you want to forget! haha Im not going to say I told you so!!! Find someone who is similar to you and accepts you for who you are. Change is good as long as you realise you are changing and you are okay with the side effects. No one on earth has the same palm prints as you! You are Unique, You are Special.

Life is too short..accept the right changes..but avoid loosing your Identity in the process. Love Life and Live Life…


Inspiration came from this picture above a friend just sent me 🙂