Who said opposites attract?

2 Dec

Opposites attract is a common term among physicists and romantics. When learning about magnetic forces I found out that negative ends of magnets attracts. Even the same principle I realised was evident in the study of batteries. However in the case of romantics I may have to beg to differ. I have heard people say finding someone completely opposite to you gives you the opportunity to discover the other half of you you never knew existed. B.S!!! hahahahaha! Please lets be real here you will have to change so much of yourselves to accommodate each other. Everyday you will become less of you and more of the other. One day you will wake up angry with yourself for letting yourself go. When your immunization from each other’s differences wears off an epidemic will occur hearts may get shattered in the process.You will not even remember who the real you was, you will just feel uneasy for no reason. And worse if the love actually dies completely you may want to regret the whole experience, years lost even the beautiful memories you want to forget! haha Im not going to say I told you so!!! Find someone who is similar to you and accepts you for who you are. Change is good as long as you realise you are changing and you are okay with the side effects. No one on earth has the same palm prints as you! You are Unique, You are Special.

Life is too short..accept the right changes..but avoid loosing your Identity in the process. Love Life and Live Life…


Inspiration came from this picture above a friend just sent me 🙂

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