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Not How I would have done it!

18 Aug

Not How I would have done it!

Do you ever find yourself looking at life through another person’s eyes and thinking you would have done things differently if you were in that person shoes. Like when over hearing guys watching a football match I hear screams of “how could he miss that off side”, “pass it to MR A”, and well other similar phrases that imply that the viewer would have done things differently if he or she was in that football match. We watch other peoples life’s and undermine the mistakes they have made, telling ourselves we would have done it better. EASIER SAID OR THOUGHT THAN DONE!
I recently finished reading a book and I am not sure who I was annoyed with, the writer of the book or the main character of the book. My interpretation of the book may be completely different from what the writer intended, or maybe I completely got it but just disagreed. If it was my story to tell I would have told it completely differently, no doubt about that. Same thing happens when I watch movies and say “na! I would not have ended it that way” such a casual comment to a movie that only took one year and three hundred and sixty five more days to get produced.
You go out and on the streets you assess what people are wearing and whisper to your friend “see that hideous hat that woman has on her head!”, who died and made you the Queen or king of fashion? We make people feel bad about their natural looks and the average girl takes her slightly above minimum wage salary to go and get a boob job done. I wished it ended there but one year later her implants burst and she gets to sell her “boob job gone bad story” to sun newspaper. Ah well, c’est la vie!
I want to wake up one day and genuinely see the world through other people’s eyes. Try and understand why they are that way, try and immerse myself in their experiences. I want to be able to fit into your shoes and get the same feeling you got that made you buy them. When you tell me stories of your pain I want to look at it completely from your point of view in order to help you properly. I want to be able to get off my high horse and ride a donkey for a day or even just an hour. I want to be able have a picnic on the less greener grass and know how it feels. I want to read a book and understand the writer’s point of view. I want to come for your show and be happy you did it your way…

When you see me

14 Aug

There is a particular phrase I hear many a time “you have not changed one bit”. Normally depending on who says this to me I feel nervous or actually very delighted. If its said from a long lost very special friend because of what we shared I am usually certain its meant as a compliment. Have you ever reconnected with someone that was close to you in the past and find that time has changed the current of the friendship. It may be because the other has developed into this whole different person, not a bad person but just not your ideal type of company. So when I see this long lost friend and we are within five minutes talking like we were never apart, it an awesome feeling of comfort and relaxation.

There are other times when this phrase is said to me by someone who I never really got along with, it is kind of like you did not like me then, and you do not like me now. It is either the other’s fault or mine, and when it is the other’s fault, maybe because they have an unpleasant and unfriendly vibe then I am not worried. But if it is my fault of being quick-tempered or some other fault I have then there is a big problem! You could not have seen me when I was thirteen and see me at twenty one and dismiss me as the same sharp tongued little brat. I want you to see this new empowered woman I have been working so hard to be. Within the first five minutes of our re-friendship or re-acquaintance I want you to say “wow I am so impressed”. There is warmth in knowing a friend likes you the way you are, but there is joy when a friend is blown away by your improvements. There is a sense of growth you feel when someone who never rated you in the past, is captivated by your spirit, and enthused by your proactivity.
When you see me I want you to see a young strong woman, and not a feeble little girl. When you see me I want you to see in my eyes, the future the world needs. I want you to see me in the best way you allow yourself to, forgive my mistakes, accept my apologies and welcome my growth.