How can something so wrong feel so right???!!!

12 May
Okay I am a TV whore I watch like One million tv shows and get passionate about quiet a few. Sometimes I do not like to be disturbed when I am watching a particular show, like I get all “no phone calls” mode. I remember someone calling me strange because I said I could not meet up because I was going to be watching a particular show lool!. Excuse me, call me strange but I simply do not care, you will less likely see me disturbing someone when their team’s football match is going on so why can I not  demand the same respect??? sigh…
So my new TV show craze is a show created by the one and only Shonda Rhimes. If you have never heard about her google her asap! She brought ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which I have already stated I love on this blog, and also it’s spin off ‘Private Practice’. This new show is called ‘Scandal’ I cannot think of a more appropriate name. It centres on Olivia Pope(Kerri Washington) who helps protect people’s public images and makes sure their scandalous stories never get out. Talk about damage control this woman and her team know exactly what to do! Thats not all there is about the show we find out all the main characters have serious secrets for one Olivia and the President of the United States had an intimate affair during his campaign, and he does not hide it from us that he is still hopelessly in love with her even though the affair has ended . The president is married and this should be so wrong! every woman or girl watching should immediately hate Oliva and the President for their forbidden love but you find yourself having hope for them…
In this last episode he defies security rules of the white house and pays her a visit at night. He came to convince her that he was not responsible for the death of a girl he allegedly had an affair with. But before Mr President goes he asks to just have one minute with Olivia, for one minute they sit on the sofa and just cuddle silently. While cuddling silently we see from their faces, how painful their love is and you cannot help but wonder …..How can something so wrong feel so right? 
Cannot wait for the season final next week! and yay it has been renewed for a 2nd season..
here is the video of the scene

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