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8 Jun

 oh lol btw these pictures are very unclear they were taken through photo boot on Mac not the best of cameras but will do 😀

With Love,
Rita Diamonds xx

Diamond Jubilee feature

5 Jun
Living in London I could not avoid the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, rather inevitable. Apparently this is not expected to happen again until 350 years, although I am not sure how this was calculated and estimated, ill just go with it.

                                                Here is a picture that says a thousand words.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I want LOVE too

God Save the Queen! 

Without You

2 Jun
I’m currently singing and dancing to it in my room….In my mind I’m currently in a music video…haha 
David Guetta is the King of House Music and USHER is USHER!!!! what more can you ask for ?!
Oh oh oh! 
You! You! You! 
Without… You! You! You! 
I am lost, I am vain, 
I will never be the same 
Without you, without you