Guess who I discovered today??

1 Jul
He is from South London born in 1992, to a Kenyan father and an Irish mother.
Okay today I put up a BBM status “Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sande kinda day” and a friend bbms asking me if I have heard of Josh Osho, that if  I like those two I would like him. Quite frankly I had never heard of him, so I youtubed him immediately and I first listened to his first single “Redemption” which by the way is now featured in BP’s London Olympics 2012 advert. After ‘Redemption’ I listened to his second single ‘Giants’ and now I am a die hard fan of JOSH OSHO! …. Unfortunately I do not think this kid is being given proper publicity, why am I only finding out about him? more people need to know about him because his music is fantastic, his videos do not have as many views as I would have expected for the quality and the fact that he is currently signed to Island records….
I am yet to get his Album L.I.F.E but I already know I will love it….. In the mean time I have done some stalking and found some of his previous covers.. I particularly like his cover of ‘Kanye West – Jesus Walks’
Here it is– Boy knows a thing or two about guitars..

Here is Kanye West’s Version

GO JOSH!!!!!! oh and btw ED SHEERAN IS THAT DUDE!!!

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