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Are we all opportunists??

10 Sep
First of all sorry I have not been here for a while now, needless to say I have been very busy but im here now.
Summer is practically over at my end of the world, year is coming to an end and I still feel my best is yet to come. This is a topic that I find particularly interesting when trying to understand human behaviour. There is a story I heard about the famous Mahatma Gandhi, he was once asked what he would do if one leg of his shoes fell into the train tracks (I guess he was asked this as he was a Law student in University College London, probably using the trains daily); his answer was that he would throw the other one into the train tracks and hopefully a homeless guy would find the two legs of the shoe and use it one day. Okay first of all when I heard this I  was inspired and was thinking boy! that guy was smart! wow why can half the world not be like him! But then again was he just blest in giving the perfect answer? Would he actually have thought in the moment of loosing a leg of his shoe to throw the other one in the same place hoping to help a stranger????
I tell you I have come across so many people in my short time on earth and as I grow older I tend to feel people always have themselves in priority despite what they say. I used to be naive and think that everyone that says they are going to help you will, or say they have your best interest at heart always do. People will help you to the extent where they can no longer take the inconvenience. I am not saying people are not ready or help you but I think everyone one has a limit where they cannot keep putting you before their needs. A lot of people are ready to do whatever it takes to reach their goals in life, some would go to the extent of committing murder just to move ahead in life. How low can you really go? To get what you want what is the price you are willing to pay? Until you want something so bad you feel you cannot live without that is when you will begin to know what values you would contemplate losing to excel. Life is a merry go round, a year later from now you could find yourself crossing boundaries you didn’t even know existed just to pay your bills. How many prisoners were born criminals, sometimes life throws challenges that distort your views and values and before you know you are a prisoner of life, a prisoner of your dreams.
How many of your friends are friends and are not steps for you to get to the destination. Some people are constant users and abusers, addicted to using people for their own personal gain. Brother will betray sister, this is a common story, nothing new there. In life it is inevitable that people will not one day use your friendship for a selfish purpose and  mislead you thinking they genuinely care about you.  My own worry is whether we are all opportunists, all after different goals using different means to get what we truly want, deceiving and misleading people along the way. How many people in the heat of losing a shoe will not first worry of how they are going to work home with one leg and if they would not injure their leg, instead  immediately throw the other one away and walk home bare feet, carefree and happy.