Smile it keeps them guessing

14 Dec
I love smiling, its one of the gifts from God that brings us together in harmony. A smile can change your day, your life even. A stranger smiles to you, and suddenly you want to know more about the stranger and ten years later you two are taking the kids to the Disney Land. You walk in for a job interview and smile and suddenly the employer is listening more carefully to your answers. You stop at the fruit stand to buy a box of strawberries, you greet the fruit seller with a smile and he tells you to pay half price. I once had a very  rolla-coster day from one bad news to another, met up with a friend and was asked to share the good news that I looked so happy. LOL was I to greet my dear friend who I had not seen in a while with a frown, because of things I will one day overcome?? If no was what you said I thought so too!

I have told myself to always stay positive, things always get better. Things may get worse before they get better, but your attitude towards the situation goes a long way to making you feel strong through it all. In the heat of tribulations we have a tendency to loose track of the things we already have that we should be thankful for. People come and people go, but true family and friends will always be two steps behind ready to help us get back up when we fall. Let go of weights pulling you down, spread your wings and fly to the sky. Smile through the pain, the tears, the disappointment. People see you smiling and wonder what good news you just heard, but you know your life is a testimony. Everyday you are alive is worth being thankful for. Keep smiling and watch favours come your way!…Guess what? I am smiling now 🙂

With Love,
Rita Diamonds

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