Short Story 1 – Happy Birthday Stranger

17 Dec

Daisy is getting dressed to go for dinner, it’s her birthday and she is meeting with some of her girlfriends and friends from work they are going to a new Brazilian restaurant which is rumoured to be West London’s must go to location. Her phone rings she tries to reach it but it’s too late as it stops ringing once she gets to it, she looks at the caller ID and the number is unfamiliar. But then it starts to ring again and she picks up and says “hello” after two seconds of silence she hears a familiar voice say “Merry Christmas” and she bursts into laughter and Henry joins her in the laughter and after what seemed like five seconds of laughter he says “ Happy Birthday stranger”.
It had always been like Henry to say  “Happy New Year” on Easter Sunday and say  “Happy Hanukah” on Valentines Day.  Daisy sits on her bed and she is pleased that after all this while she still finds his alternative jokes highly amusing, she says “thank you stranger”. It has been five years since they both talked, they had promised to remain friends but that never happened. They both now even live in different countries. After what happened five years ago one would think the conversation would be awkward but before ten minutes they had summarised what had gone on in the last five years of their life’s. She got her dream job in London as a magazine fashion editor and he is working for one of the oil companies back in Nigeria and recently got a promotion. He loves his job because he gets to travel a lot, but he starts study leave in three months as he has been accepted to do his MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She tells him that she met her Idol R-Kelly last year at a concert and was even able to steal a picture with him.
Then the inevitable discussion of their love life comes up, he says that since they stopped talking he did not get into anything serious for two years and was quite the player. He had eventually gone into two pretty serious relationships, which eventually ran their course, but he is now in love with a lady called Stella. Stella had been his dentist for the last year and there was an attraction between them but he only asked her for a first date around valentines day and it has since blossomed into a solid relationship, although still in the early stages he had a really good feeling like he had finally found his soul mate in Stella. The big problem is that in three months he is relocating from Lagos to Chicago and he does not know if they can go the distance for two years till he returns, but he hopes so cause he feels that she is the one and if things go his way after his MBA he plans to get married to her.
Daisy tells Henry she just split with her boyfriend of four years after refusing his marriage proposal. He bursts out laughing saying “poor guy, Daisy will anyone ever be good enough for you?”.  Daisy is silent and he immediately apologises that that was uncalled for him to say that, she says “its okay Henry no need to apologize, to be honest you may be right something is wrong with me I tell you Kevin is the perfect guy every mother wishes her daughter brought home”. Then Henry says “so why did you refuse his proposal?” Daisy goes on to tell him about her Kevin who also resides in London and works in Information Technology, they started off so well and at some point she admits that she thought she was in love with him. She says the last year had been like a Déjà vu doing the same thing, nothing was exciting anymore and all she had left for him was admiration and respect but the fireworks were long gone and she knew she could not commit to that forever.  Daisy tells Henry that she felt very bad for doing that to Kevin but she feels in the long run he will be happy she said no, when he meets someone and feels things that he never felt with her. Henry is silent and Daisy says “Henry I am really happy for you hope everything works out with Stella”.
Daisy had never dated Henry they were just very close friends, but that changed after one mad drunken night. They were both single at the time, they had gone drinking after going to see a movie together but they broke tradition of their friendship and woke up the next morning in the same bed in an awkward situation. Things never remained the same and to make matters worse they could not put it behind them and act like it never happened because Henry told her he always had strong feelings for her and she on the other hand did not feel the same way. Everything changed, they started talking less and eventually completely stopped, he moved from London to Lagos and it was easy to stay out of each other life’s, as he did not even have a Facebook account.  That is why this phone call was the last thing Daisy had expected on her twenty fifth birthday. Henry says he was in London for the week and was now in the airport on his way back to Lagos and he never forgot her birthday and decided to try her number and luckily for him she had the same number. “Henry I am happy you called, and I am sorry that we…” he stops her “Daisy I have to go now the plane is boarding, it was lovely talking you I wish you all the best in life and hope you find what you want in love someday” she says “Bye Henry” and he hangs up. She smiles as she is putting on her make up, that phone call has to be mother natures way of letting her know a new chapter in her life is about to start and she is finally free of the past.
On her way to dinner as she is locking her door, she hears a voice say “hello” and she turns and sees a charming, talk dark handsome man smiling at her. She says “hello” and he starts walking towards her as she is walking towards her car. He tells her he is her new neighbour and his name is Stephen she says, “Welcome to the neighbourhood, I am Daisy”. He asks where she is going and she tells him it is her birthday that she is going for dinner with friends, he says “Happy Birthday Daisy why did you not invite me, or does your boyfriend not approve of you having male friends?”. Daisy laughs and says she does not have a boyfriend and he says “I do not have a girlfriend too so that’s good to know”.  Daisy opens her car door and tells him she will see him another time as she is running late. Stephen says to Daisy “ I look forward to seeing you everyday, moving to this neighbourhood must be the best decision I have made in my life”. Daisy smiles at him, shakes her head closes her car door and starts the engine.
The end!

2 Responses to “Short Story 1 – Happy Birthday Stranger”

  1. Musadhique Kottapramban January 6, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    interesting story..looking forward more stories from you,I am joining your blog to read more

  2. Rita Diamonds January 13, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    Aww thank you more stories coming soon 🙂

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