SWEET LOVE- without tragedy

11 Feb

“I dont want normal and Easy, OR simple…I want…painful! Difficult!! Devastating!! Life changing!!! Extraordinary!!!! love” – Olivia Pope (Scandal)

I see how the sub-heading (quote) on this post would lead one to believe I am validating this type of painful, devastating love. Okay may be I sort of am in a twisted way, I really think everyone is entitled some drama in their love life at some point if not for anything but to have a good story to tell. We want the Noah and Allison’s (The Notebook movie), the Romeo and Juliet’s these are what make good stories. Heart breaking stories is what we want to talk about, to be honest easy love is very boring. Haha after all is said and done “what is love with tragedy?”. Well i’ll answer that, it is still love, but I get it!, there is a sort of addictive feeling we get to the kind of love that has all sorts of screaming red warning signs!…


Hmmmm well my advise to anyone seeking the sort of love Olivia Pope from scandal seeks is to engage in it just for a short term basis. Go ahead have your intense passion “We found love in a hopeless place” type of love, but come out of it one day and have the kind of love you deserve which I call “SWEET LOVE”. What is sweet love? I would say sweet love is one that does not hurt 80% of the time, for 20% you are allowed to not stand each other but 80% let it be beautiful, easy and comfortable. If you must dalliance with Mr OMygosh Sexy Wrong in your youth, get all the burning dysfunctional desire out of your system while you are young. 

When you are ready for the type of love that is made in heaven, marry your best friend!, the one who understands you, the one who comes with love, understanding, comfort and NO  okay may be a tiny little bit of tragedy to spice things up *wink*.

With Love,
RD x

P.s my second Scandal inspired post, after I watched the last episode and Olivia said that line, I thought gosh what is wrong with women and causing their heart breaks???…. and if you still dont watch Scandal what is your excuse??? #nocomment. 

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