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Do beautiful people win? The Jeremy Meeks Theory

19 Jul

A license to love, insurance to hold, melt all your memories and change into gold. His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold. – Smooth Operator – Sade

I wish I was one of those people that are only interested in world current affairs. In an ideal world my internet search history should only include sites like BBC , CNN and FT. But when has the world ever been ideal? I am very involved with keeping up to date with celebrity gossip and am always in the market to get onboard with new reality shows. Maybe this is to compensate for my boring life. Last month while scrolling on my twitter timeline I came across a tweet with a mug shot of a very chiselled, almost perfect jaw boned man along with a link to an article.

image (4) The man goes by the name Jeremy Meeks and his mug shot was posted up by the Stockton police department along with other criminals. An unexpected turn of events turned him to an over night viral internet sensation, with women fawning over him. He has since been covered by many media outlets including respected fashion magazines (hello Vanity Fair). He has been subject to many internet memes, as well as photoshopped into faux fashion campaigns such as Calvin Klein and Givenchy. Okay ladies I am not being judgemental here because I was among the bandwagon for a hot minute too. However we all know how America loves these kind of stories and so the media has decided to drag this along. His case has been heavily covered by the media and suddenly we know so much about a supposed to have been random criminal. He is an ex convict who previously served 10 years in Jail, he is married and has a son and oh he has a good looking brother too. His mom has even used his rise to fame as an opportunity to start a high profile fundraiser ( good luck to her to LOL its set at $900,000). In her defence she believes he has been stereotyped because of his past and body drenched in tattoos. Yes I see how that could be a factor considering he also has a tear drop tattoo under his eyes, which is normally associated with people who have killed someone before.

image (6)

Anyway word on the street is that even while in jail Jeremy has now been signed by an agency with post jail modelling offers pouring in. So my question to you today is does his beauty make him any less guilty? Why are the same media outlets who complain about crime rates glamourising this felon even dubbing him “hot mug shot guy”? What happened to the other guys whose mug shots were released the same day by the police department? I think I can answer that actually, they have been forgotten, no modelling contracts, no bail money fundraisers, no love lost. Its mind boggling that we are somehow desensitised by good looking people, giving them chances upon chances and throwing them life lines. Cause lets face it Jeremy Meeks alleged crimes are serious including street terrorism. I am not saying people don’t deserve second chances, but why do we choose who deserves it based on appearance?

We have seen a different yet similar situation happen in pop culture, the story of how a sex tape rose an entire family to world wide fame. Kim Kardasian is not the first to have a leaked sex tape but perhaps her beauty is what got people interested to see what she did post that. And it’s been 8 years after and she is still relevant, and always in the year end top 5 of most googled celebrities. Who am I to blame her for capitalising on the world’s shallowness ( I don’t watch her show by the way, just thought to drop it out there). In any case I am interested to see where Jeremy Meeks will be in a couple of years from now, behind bars? Or will he be on the most talked about “Keeping up with the Meeks” , “What Jeremy did next”, or  “Turing a Felon to a Baron” reality shows. Or will hot mug shot guy be the face of Armani, or will he just be forgotten?

Beautiful people win, we let them steal our hearts, we forgive them crimes  because they are easy on the eyes and today I have coined this phenomena The Jeremy Meeks Theory.  But hold on i’m not done yet here is one more picture for the road. So ladies are you  donating to the fundraiser?

image (5)

With Love,

Rita Diamonds xxx

We see people how we see ourselves

15 Jul


 I came to this conclusion over the weekend after I read some negative comments about someone I happen to respect and admire. I was appalled at the amount of hateful words heaved at this person based on assumptions and misapprehensions. As much as we as humans like to say everyone is different, on some subconscious we still expect everyone to think like we do. Or maybe not exactly think like we do, but do things in a particular manner and when that pattern shifts a volcano erupt.



In the world of today social media and the internet gives everyone a platform to voice their opinions. Back in the day one had to try to get their views in a publication or media outlet and would be expected to have knowledge on the matter they were discussing or reporting. Radio shows are being replaced by podcasts, television shows replaced by online videos, magazine and newspaper columns replaced by blogs, and anybody can get on any of these platforms and share their opinions and get heard as long as they have the internet. These outlets give people the opportunity to share their unfiltered opinions, especially if there is no monetary gain or conflicting interest. A real journalist is usually told by the organisation they work of certain limits that cannot be crossed when reporting on certain individuals or establishments. Propaganda cannot be avoided and power cannot be ignored, the shadiest people are sometimes also the richest people in control of the world. So a respected media outlet has to consider how important sharing an opinion is as opposed to losing a huge amount of funding. Do you get what I am saying? I mean I don’t think I have to elaborate on that the real life case studies are out there on this matter existing in different countries across the world.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am naïve. Naïve is the way someone who just sees black and white might describe me, in the sense that I do not just see things as they are and always look beyond the surface. For every action there is an equal reaction and I will say it goes the other way too. We just see people actions and have no idea if it’s a reaction to something that has happened to them. And we also hear people words but can read their minds to understand their thought process. Okay! there are people out there who are bat crazy and just do thing for the sake of it. I am not looking at those people, or the ones who have some sort of mental illness and have less to no control of their actions. I am referring to regular people like me who often get misunderstood. I have sent text messages I thought were very clear and precise and gotten instant frantic phone calls asking for clarification and further explanation. I have given compliments to people that have been mistaken as jabs. I have been shy in a gathering and dismissed as a snob and anti-social. I have been honest and described as rude. I have been genuinely happy and lively in a setting and been pegged an attention seeker. I have found it hard to get my points across to someone, mumbling for the right words and perceived as clueless. I have just wanted alone time with myself and considered a missing in action friend. I have been coy about admitting how much I wanted something and was concluded to be uninterested.

Because of my often misconceptions even described by some as a mystery, I like to give other people the benefit of doubt when their actions seem odd. I see people how I see myself, you know as someone who deep down has an optimistic view of the world. I don’t purposely try to hurt people but sometimes it’s inevitable, in other words I can’t hurt myself to please other people. Everyone has to be selfish at some point, maybe sometimes I become more selfish than others would like me to be. There are more straightforward people out there who will find me frustrating, because of what I leave on the surface. I do not blame them as I have come to understand that we see people how we see ourselves.

With Love,

RD xxx

Random Post – Obsessed with Tulips

1 Jul


Some know this about me and some don’t, I am very obsessive. I mean once I get really into something I find out everything I need to know about that topic, be it a person, a TV show, a drink, a movie, a word. If I am not asking enough questions chances are I have already previously found out everything I need to know. In other words wikipedia is my best friend, and its ironic because I have a strict policy of never donating to that website and laugh every-time the yellow thing pops up on top. To my knowledge normal people like you and me update information on wikipedia, shout out to everyone who has helped update information on my favourite celebrities. I wonder where those people find the time, anyway onto the topic at hand Tulips!

tulips 1

I was born in April, and my month’s flower is the ever enchanting tulips. Like with everything surrounding my birth its only natural I got into tulips and have made it my proclaimed favourite flower. Anyone who has seen my twitter feed knows I am also obsessed with my birth star sign Aries and am quite into discovering my self through strengths and weaknesses the star sign is subjected to. I am also very pleased that my birth stone is Diamond! here here not too fast I don’t have a diamond collection yet and according to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Its tacky to wear diamonds before you’re 40 ITS TACKY TO WEAR DIAMONDS BEFORE 40

Okay I promise no more drifting from the topic at hand, I thought I’d share a few interesting facts I found out about tulips. Tulips originate from Persia and Turkey and have been generally associated with eternal life. As tulips are among the first set of flowers to blossom each year they are known to be heralds of spring.Tulips are a symbolism for perfect love, I know what your thinking isn’t that supposed to be roses? As it turns out tulips are pretty awesome too. So here’s a breakdown for next time you want to give someone flowers, this is how you can subconsciously brighten their day with these meanings:

Bouquet of any tulips – represents elegance and grace

Cream tulips –  I will love you forever

Yellow tulips – cheerful thoughts; there is sunshine in your smile (people used to think this stood for unrequited love LOL really?)

White tulips – forgiveness, newness and purity

Red tulips – declaration of truelove

Purple tulips – royalty

Pink tulips – affectionate and caring

Orange tulips – energy, enthusiasm, and desire for passion

One last thing when ever you see a white tulip garden its simply means heaven on earth.

white tulip garden


So when next your buying flowers think TULIPS!

With Love,

RD xx

I am not a Feminist

1 Jul



I just typed in “what is feminism?” in google search and the first definition in the search I got was “the advocacy on women’s rights on the ground of equality of sexes”. Feminists have been known to fight for women rights over the years for things we now look at like normal such as voting, owning property and equal pay. Yes I find it disturbing that there was once a time when women were not allowed to purchase property in certain places. Feminist also are a huge part of the organisations who are dedicated to protecting and helping against women getting abused sexually or domestically. Feminists also fight for women to have the right to make decisions concerning their own bodies, such as having the right to abortion and having access to different available contraceptive techniques. If these instances are all modern day feminism entailed, then by all means I am a feminist too. I believe a woman should have the right to make decisions on her own body, I believe a hard working woman should be rewarded in the same capacity as her male counterparts.

However I’ll try to say this in the simplest way, which is that that a woman is different from a man. That will never change men and women are different by nature, for example our different reproductive organs and what they can or cannot do. Dare I even add without sounding like stereotypicalist (yes I just made a word up), that men and women have different natural traits? Sometimes I wish women recognised the huge role they play in society instead of putting in so much energy into trying to be seen as equals to men. A woman brings life into the world; this alone proves how the world needs women for progression and development. A woman’s body is strong enough to carry a whole other life for nine months (yes I do realise a man’s help was needed to put the life there), but in the end it comes down to the woman to provide a home for the life to develop before it’s ready for the world.

In 2014 some self-proclaimed feminists are focused on slandering men, till they are pushed to believe there is no need for male existence. These bitter women let their bad experiences with men (heart break, abandoned children, domestic violence, and sexual abuse) lead them to hate all men. Agreed those men who have committed those atrocities are vile, but they are still not a representation of the whole male population. I apply this same logic to men who abuse women because of a bad experience with one woman. And as much as there are vile men that exist, vile women exist too, there are pregnant women who take drugs, women who trick men into thinking they fathered their child, women who cheat on their partners, or women who walked out on their kids. The point I am trying to make is that there are morally bankrupt groups in both genders and our personal experience with one or few of them should not lead you to hate the whole bunch.

Women and men are different by nature, biologically and behaviourally. Yes I do agree that both genders should have the right to make personal decisions without feeling oppressed, I also believe in personal liberation. I am glad that I am a woman, and appreciative of all the instincts and gifts that come naturally to me due to my womanhood. I do not have to hate men in order to push the equality agenda. I choose not to judge a whole gender based on limitations of some. I want to be a mother one day and I know I will need the help of a man to make that happen. I one day want to be married and raise children in a two parent home. If it ever happens that I have to do it all on my own due to the failings of the partner I chose, then so be it. I believe men and women can work together to make the world a better place, but I also believe we should all aim to be able to survive independently. But our abilities to survive independently as women should not lead us to fight for the abolishment of men in society, and if this view makes me a non-feminist, then so be it.

With Love

Rita Diamonds