Random Post – Obsessed with Tulips

1 Jul


Some know this about me and some don’t, I am very obsessive. I mean once I get really into something I find out everything I need to know about that topic, be it a person, a TV show, a drink, a movie, a word. If I am not asking enough questions chances are I have already previously found out everything I need to know. In other words wikipedia is my best friend, and its ironic because I have a strict policy of never donating to that website and laugh every-time the yellow thing pops up on top. To my knowledge normal people like you and me update information on wikipedia, shout out to everyone who has helped update information on my favourite celebrities. I wonder where those people find the time, anyway onto the topic at hand Tulips!

tulips 1

I was born in April, and my month’s flower is the ever enchanting tulips. Like with everything surrounding my birth its only natural I got into tulips and have made it my proclaimed favourite flower. Anyone who has seen my twitter feed knows I am also obsessed with my birth star sign Aries and am quite into discovering my self through strengths and weaknesses the star sign is subjected to. I am also very pleased that my birth stone is Diamond! here here not too fast I don’t have a diamond collection yet and according to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Its tacky to wear diamonds before you’re 40 ITS TACKY TO WEAR DIAMONDS BEFORE 40

Okay I promise no more drifting from the topic at hand, I thought I’d share a few interesting facts I found out about tulips. Tulips originate from Persia and Turkey and have been generally associated with eternal life. As tulips are among the first set of flowers to blossom each year they are known to be heralds of spring.Tulips are a symbolism for perfect love, I know what your thinking isn’t that supposed to be roses? As it turns out tulips are pretty awesome too. So here’s a breakdown for next time you want to give someone flowers, this is how you can subconsciously brighten their day with these meanings:

Bouquet of any tulips – represents elegance and grace

Cream tulips –  I will love you forever

Yellow tulips – cheerful thoughts; there is sunshine in your smile (people used to think this stood for unrequited love LOL really?)

White tulips – forgiveness, newness and purity

Red tulips – declaration of truelove

Purple tulips – royalty

Pink tulips – affectionate and caring

Orange tulips – energy, enthusiasm, and desire for passion

One last thing when ever you see a white tulip garden its simply means heaven on earth.

white tulip garden


So when next your buying flowers think TULIPS!

With Love,

RD xx

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