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Happy New Year!

7 Jan

2014Happy New Year…we made it to 2014

Hello people welcome to the New Year! Yes I know I have been AWOL from here for a minute that’s what happens when life happens. 2013 was significant in some ways, I was tested by many means and I survived it all. Few closed chapters in my life, turning points, and most importantly surplus Joy and laughter… There were moments of uncertainty and doubt as well as moments of endurance and confidence.

Here are a few dominant personal trends of mine in 2013:- African Literature, music, hip hop music, American TV shows, ratchet reality TV shows, cocktails, red wine, beer, YouTube, twitter, instagram, Jewellery, accessories, celebrities, gossip blogs, nails, business plans, movies, church, family, friends.

Excited to see what 2014 brings!!!!!

Won’t be long before my next post!

With love,

Guess who I discovered today??

1 Jul
He is from South London born in 1992, to a Kenyan father and an Irish mother.
Okay today I put up a BBM status “Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sande kinda day” and a friend bbms asking me if I have heard of Josh Osho, that if  I like those two I would like him. Quite frankly I had never heard of him, so I youtubed him immediately and I first listened to his first single “Redemption” which by the way is now featured in BP’s London Olympics 2012 advert. After ‘Redemption’ I listened to his second single ‘Giants’ and now I am a die hard fan of JOSH OSHO! …. Unfortunately I do not think this kid is being given proper publicity, why am I only finding out about him? more people need to know about him because his music is fantastic, his videos do not have as many views as I would have expected for the quality and the fact that he is currently signed to Island records….
I am yet to get his Album L.I.F.E but I already know I will love it….. In the mean time I have done some stalking and found some of his previous covers.. I particularly like his cover of ‘Kanye West – Jesus Walks’
Here it is– Boy knows a thing or two about guitars..

Here is Kanye West’s Version

GO JOSH!!!!!! oh and btw ED SHEERAN IS THAT DUDE!!!


26 Nov

CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON PEOPLE!!!! get into the christmas spirit 🙂

Sad thing is I have so much school work I have to do during the holidays as well as study for my exams in January.
BUT that won’t stop Christmas! Its the season of love ….hope you get to spend it with your family and around people you love…