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Happy New Year!

7 Jan

2014Happy New Year…we made it to 2014

Hello people welcome to the New Year! Yes I know I have been AWOL from here for a minute that’s what happens when life happens. 2013 was significant in some ways, I was tested by many means and I survived it all. Few closed chapters in my life, turning points, and most importantly surplus Joy and laughter… There were moments of uncertainty and doubt as well as moments of endurance and confidence.

Here are a few dominant personal trends of mine in 2013:- African Literature, music, hip hop music, American TV shows, ratchet reality TV shows, cocktails, red wine, beer, YouTube, twitter, instagram, Jewellery, accessories, celebrities, gossip blogs, nails, business plans, movies, church, family, friends.

Excited to see what 2014 brings!!!!!

Won’t be long before my next post!

With love,

Without You

2 Jun
I’m currently singing and dancing to it in my room….In my mind I’m currently in a music video…haha 
David Guetta is the King of House Music and USHER is USHER!!!! what more can you ask for ?!
Oh oh oh! 
You! You! You! 
Without… You! You! You! 
I am lost, I am vain, 
I will never be the same 
Without you, without you