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Do beautiful people win? The Jeremy Meeks Theory

19 Jul

A license to love, insurance to hold, melt all your memories and change into gold. His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold. – Smooth Operator – Sade

I wish I was one of those people that are only interested in world current affairs. In an ideal world my internet search history should only include sites like BBC , CNN and FT. But when has the world ever been ideal? I am very involved with keeping up to date with celebrity gossip and am always in the market to get onboard with new reality shows. Maybe this is to compensate for my boring life. Last month while scrolling on my twitter timeline I came across a tweet with a mug shot of a very chiselled, almost perfect jaw boned man along with a link to an article.

image (4) The man goes by the name Jeremy Meeks and his mug shot was posted up by the Stockton police department along with other criminals. An unexpected turn of events turned him to an over night viral internet sensation, with women fawning over him. He has since been covered by many media outlets including respected fashion magazines (hello Vanity Fair). He has been subject to many internet memes, as well as photoshopped into faux fashion campaigns such as Calvin Klein and Givenchy. Okay ladies I am not being judgemental here because I was among the bandwagon for a hot minute too. However we all know how America loves these kind of stories and so the media has decided to drag this along. His case has been heavily covered by the media and suddenly we know so much about a supposed to have been random criminal. He is an ex convict who previously served 10 years in Jail, he is married and has a son and oh he has a good looking brother too. His mom has even used his rise to fame as an opportunity to start a high profile fundraiser ( good luck to her to LOL its set at $900,000). In her defence she believes he has been stereotyped because of his past and body drenched in tattoos. Yes I see how that could be a factor considering he also has a tear drop tattoo under his eyes, which is normally associated with people who have killed someone before.

image (6)

Anyway word on the street is that even while in jail Jeremy has now been signed by an agency with post jail modelling offers pouring in. So my question to you today is does his beauty make him any less guilty? Why are the same media outlets who complain about crime rates glamourising this felon even dubbing him “hot mug shot guy”? What happened to the other guys whose mug shots were released the same day by the police department? I think I can answer that actually, they have been forgotten, no modelling contracts, no bail money fundraisers, no love lost. Its mind boggling that we are somehow desensitised by good looking people, giving them chances upon chances and throwing them life lines. Cause lets face it Jeremy Meeks alleged crimes are serious including street terrorism. I am not saying people don’t deserve second chances, but why do we choose who deserves it based on appearance?

We have seen a different yet similar situation happen in pop culture, the story of how a sex tape rose an entire family to world wide fame. Kim Kardasian is not the first to have a leaked sex tape but perhaps her beauty is what got people interested to see what she did post that. And it’s been 8 years after and she is still relevant, and always in the year end top 5 of most googled celebrities. Who am I to blame her for capitalising on the world’s shallowness ( I don’t watch her show by the way, just thought to drop it out there). In any case I am interested to see where Jeremy Meeks will be in a couple of years from now, behind bars? Or will he be on the most talked about “Keeping up with the Meeks” , “What Jeremy did next”, or  “Turing a Felon to a Baron” reality shows. Or will hot mug shot guy be the face of Armani, or will he just be forgotten?

Beautiful people win, we let them steal our hearts, we forgive them crimes  because they are easy on the eyes and today I have coined this phenomena The Jeremy Meeks Theory.  But hold on i’m not done yet here is one more picture for the road. So ladies are you  donating to the fundraiser?

image (5)

With Love,

Rita Diamonds xxx