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We see people how we see ourselves

15 Jul


 I came to this conclusion over the weekend after I read some negative comments about someone I happen to respect and admire. I was appalled at the amount of hateful words heaved at this person based on assumptions and misapprehensions. As much as we as humans like to say everyone is different, on some subconscious we still expect everyone to think like we do. Or maybe not exactly think like we do, but do things in a particular manner and when that pattern shifts a volcano erupt.



In the world of today social media and the internet gives everyone a platform to voice their opinions. Back in the day one had to try to get their views in a publication or media outlet and would be expected to have knowledge on the matter they were discussing or reporting. Radio shows are being replaced by podcasts, television shows replaced by online videos, magazine and newspaper columns replaced by blogs, and anybody can get on any of these platforms and share their opinions and get heard as long as they have the internet. These outlets give people the opportunity to share their unfiltered opinions, especially if there is no monetary gain or conflicting interest. A real journalist is usually told by the organisation they work of certain limits that cannot be crossed when reporting on certain individuals or establishments. Propaganda cannot be avoided and power cannot be ignored, the shadiest people are sometimes also the richest people in control of the world. So a respected media outlet has to consider how important sharing an opinion is as opposed to losing a huge amount of funding. Do you get what I am saying? I mean I don’t think I have to elaborate on that the real life case studies are out there on this matter existing in different countries across the world.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am naïve. Naïve is the way someone who just sees black and white might describe me, in the sense that I do not just see things as they are and always look beyond the surface. For every action there is an equal reaction and I will say it goes the other way too. We just see people actions and have no idea if it’s a reaction to something that has happened to them. And we also hear people words but can read their minds to understand their thought process. Okay! there are people out there who are bat crazy and just do thing for the sake of it. I am not looking at those people, or the ones who have some sort of mental illness and have less to no control of their actions. I am referring to regular people like me who often get misunderstood. I have sent text messages I thought were very clear and precise and gotten instant frantic phone calls asking for clarification and further explanation. I have given compliments to people that have been mistaken as jabs. I have been shy in a gathering and dismissed as a snob and anti-social. I have been honest and described as rude. I have been genuinely happy and lively in a setting and been pegged an attention seeker. I have found it hard to get my points across to someone, mumbling for the right words and perceived as clueless. I have just wanted alone time with myself and considered a missing in action friend. I have been coy about admitting how much I wanted something and was concluded to be uninterested.

Because of my often misconceptions even described by some as a mystery, I like to give other people the benefit of doubt when their actions seem odd. I see people how I see myself, you know as someone who deep down has an optimistic view of the world. I don’t purposely try to hurt people but sometimes it’s inevitable, in other words I can’t hurt myself to please other people. Everyone has to be selfish at some point, maybe sometimes I become more selfish than others would like me to be. There are more straightforward people out there who will find me frustrating, because of what I leave on the surface. I do not blame them as I have come to understand that we see people how we see ourselves.

With Love,

RD xxx

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof

25 Jul

Cat on a hot thin roof

Okay the heading of this post has nothing to do with the classic movie. I guess was struggling for a tittle and it popped into my head so why not?? I am just going to update you on some things going on….

So this year has been very rocky, so many things have been going on beneath the smile. I am lucky to have an amazing family cheering me through it all. The Lord does not give you battles you cannot win in the end one just has to keep believing, everything happens for a reason. When life throws you lemons you make a caprihna 😉

Right now I cannot keep questioning things, but just keep moving forward following guidance from the lord. There is always a reason to give praise to the Lord. I was feeling down about something, for about a week and I had not been able to find tears. I am still going through it, but I am getting better. I felt I needed to see tears to know I was fully understanding the implication of what was happening. Alas! it took someones insensitive words to finally make me cry about the situation. You ever feel like you are not fully dealing with pain, you really want to cry but cannot find tears? I felt that way like I was not sad enough, and so when the person said something to trigger the tears even though I was upset, I was grateful that I was finally crying! I kind of understand why people cut themselves when depressed (not that I am depressed) but sometimes your life is crushing and you are just floating in life, but you feel you need to make yourself feel pain to trigger something. Thats why its good to have someone/people you can trust to confide in. In my case I had my family and it was even someone in my family that said something insensitive after I confided that made me cry. Talking about what you are going through reduces the burden on oneself, and reduces the weight you have to carry. However be careful not to share with the wrong person that may not have your best intentions at heart.

Its funny that you can feel your world is crashing, but that very same life is one people can only dream of having. I have decided to stay prayerful and keep trusting in the Lord and I believe he will see me through it all. These experiences will only make me stronger, and only make me more prepared for bigger battles to come. Life is mysterious!